What Exactly Is an Eye Exam?

17 Mar

Eye doctors are specialized doctors whose main role is to diagnose, treat and prevent eye problems. In United States, there are different eye doctors located in Los Angeles, California, Dallas, Texas, Orange County, California and Fort Worth, Texas. They are specialists in vision care. There are also ophthalmologists or optometrists who are associated with eye clinics.

DescriptionAn eye doctor is a person who provides a medical service related to vision or eye. It is usually any health care worker involved with eye care, from a practitioner with just a small number of years of formal education to practitioners with a Masters degree of vision care or a Ph.D. Such professionals are responsible for the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of any eye condition. The eye doctor also prepares the patient for any optical examination.

Education requirements to practice as an eye doctor, you need to attend and pass a number of educational courses, including the National Board of Examiners (NBFE) eye exam. Then, you need to complete a four-year bachelor's degree at an accredited university. The Bachelor's degree is typically a four-year course. The number of years of study depends entirely on the State requirements. Besides, some states have specific licensing regulations that optometrists must meet before they can practice legally in that state.
Specialization AreasIn the United States, optometrists are able to specialize in several fields of vision care. These fields include ocular specialties, including optometry and optoelectomy. 

Optometrists may specialize in the following areas: gynecological diagnosis, refractive and ocular surgery, vision screening, pediatric and basic ophthalmology, family medical and dental health, and optometric therapy. Ophthalmologists may also choose to specialize, such as optometry or ophthalmologist-oncology. In some states, a physician may also choose to become a podiatrist, which involves treating eye disorders in younger patients. view here  for more info about the best eye doctor to engage with.

LicensingBinary doctors acquire their professional licenses from the state board of medicine. In most states, there is a minimum educational requirement to obtain the license. Here are some states that do not have a minimum educational requirement, and only require that the doctor take an exam that covers specific knowledge areas. For example, in Florida there is no minimum educational exam for a physician to obtain his or her license; however, he or she must pass a licensing exam before he or she can practice medicine.

EyedropsThe most common eye examination that an eye doctor may use to diagnose eye diseases is the slit lamp examination, or lidocaine eye exam. This exam is done by placing a small amount of a topical anesthetic on the eye lid and running a fluorescent light through it. The result from this test is the color appearance of the blood vessels in the eye, and it will allow the doctor to see if the patient is experiencing any symptoms of an eye disease. An eye doctor may use a variety of other techniques and equipment to diagnose various eye conditions, but he or she will most likely start with the slit lamp. Check out this post for more details related to this article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eye_care_professional.

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